img029The warm and happy family environment found at Kenale ensures that no child is ever “lost in the crowd”, but is instead nurtured both emotionally and intellectually by qualified and loving staff. Our pupils thrive in the safe and secure atmosphere we’ve created here at Kendale, and this allows them to grow in self-confidence and gain a sense of identity that leads to a positive contribution to the school and society as well.

Kendale offers:

  • High level British-American curriculum.
  • Fully qualified English mother-tongue staff.
  • Italian classes from pre-school through 5th Grade. Preparation for the Italian state schools’ examination.
  • Specialist teachers for music, gym, Italian and French (7 + years)
  • A strong values programme emphasizing the importance of communication skills.

Social Studies and Science:

We treat History, Geography and Science as exploration and discovery subjects with as much cross-curricular integration as possible. On average the classes have 3 field trips a year. The 9 and 10 year olds go on a 4-5 day trip either to Florence or to Greece every year, as an extension of their social studies.

Art and handwork

Classes include the introduction of new techniques and the possibility for free expression and experimentation too.

Art Week is an exclusive feature at Kendale School. For one week children of 7 years and older lay aside their regular studies and immerse themselves in art and craft activities. Parents and teachers co-operate in setting up various centres and workshops and the children are free to organize their own time as they work on projects of their choice. The children contract to complete a certain amount of work in basic skills at home.

Music and Movement

These classes guide children towards developing a close personal relationship to music. The programme is based on the Carl Orff and Delcroze methods which develop each child’s innate musicality and creativity through active and spontaneous participation. Singing, folk dancing, rhythmics and creative movement as well as technique and improvisation with percussion instruments are all included in the programme.

Extras available within school hours:

piano, recorder flute and guitar.



Gloria Hughes Fabriani

Teaching Staff:

Full time: 9
Part time: 4


86 Via Gradoli,

+39 06 33267608

Curriculum & Exams



Age Range:

3 -11 yrs

Total Enrolments: