Greenwood Garden School is an international Preschool and Kindergarten, located in the north of Rome near the Via Cassia. It was founded in 1974 with a threefold purpose: to provide an especially prepared environment for the very young that gives warmth, sensitivity and security so important at this age; to carefully instill children with good learning habits and a desire for high academic standards; and to give a basic foundation in the English language to the international child. The school facilities are spacious, clean and colorful, designed specifically for the pre-school child. A large flowering garden/playground with small equipment complements the school.

The pre-school experience is a most important foundation for a child’s future learning attitude. GGS maintains a small enrollment with good child/teacher ratio so as to be able to work individually with each child, encouraging a positive self-image. We create a calm and loving first-step transition from home to school.

The school day is filled with stimulating and varied activities based on the four basic skill areas of the curriculum:

Participation (social/emotional and work habits); Body Awareness and Control; Visual Perceptual Motor; and Language, developed from the ERIN program (Early Recognition Intervention Network). Our program also uses Learning Centers as a means to individualize learning and allow the child to make choices while playing constructively.

Children have fun with arts and crafts, music and singing, puppetry, cooking, creative movement, science, as well as developing basic readiness skills in reading, mathematics and writing.

Kindergarten and Pre-K.

These two classes for ages four and five are the preparatory stages for the child getting ready to enter the elementary school. Here academic readiness skills are learned, for example the alphabet, phonics, number skills and writing activities. Reading is begun with the child who is developmentally ready. Much emphasis is placed on verbal expression and comprehension.

Early Learning and Nursery

These classes for two and three year olds, develop social skills and language. Many manipulative activities are introduced such as coloring, cutting, pasting and pre-writing.

GGS is open Monday through Friday from 08:30 to 15:30, with a half-day program available for two year olds. A morning snack and full course lunch is included in the cost of tuition.

An English as a Second Language program is available for elementary children in the afternoons from 16:00 – 19:00.



Donna Seibert Ricci

Teaching Staff:

Full time: 6
Part time: 1


Via Vito Sinisi 5,
00189 Rome

Tel: +39 06 33266703

Cell: +39 328 1858195

Fax: +39 06 33266703


Age Range:

2-6 yrs

Total Enrolments: