Founded In 1977, Castelli International provides a challenging, well rounded international curriculum, where students are encouraged to think critically, develop research skills and experience collaborative learning. It was the first bilingual school to integrate Italian with the Anglo Saxon approach to education. The family atmosphere, small classes, a pleasant country environment and our hands-on approach is clearly expressed in the Chinese proverb:

When I hear, I forget.
When I see, I remember.
When I do, I understand.

Our Living Ethos

The school strives to keep its environmental footprint as light as possible and we impart this ethos to our students. Similarly we are keen to nurture knowledge about sustainable food production and healthy eating choices. Our Earth to Table Food Literacy curriculum is held throughout the year, beginning with first grade. Its primary purpose is to integrate academic disciplines with nutrition, culture and the arts where students learn to taste and eat what they grow in their vegetable plots.

Our Working Ethos

Our experienced faculty help students enjoy and value learning in their formative years by exploring historical, scientific and humanitarian perspectives of past and present achievements. This approach inspires the students to become more inquisitive thus making learning an open-ended experience which will last for a last time.

The Community

We are indeed unique. Nowhere will you find a school library made out of wine vats, where the sense of community between the staff, parents and students is so positive, with a packed programme of social, cultural activities and charity fundraising.

We offer



Marianne Palladino B.A., M.A.

Teaching Staff:

full time – 9
part time – 5


Via degli Scozzesi, 13
00046 Rome

Telephone / Fax:

+39 06 94315779

Curriculum and Exams

Italian and English
Cambridge Checkpoint


Age Range:

6 -14 yrs

Total enrollment: